Metal Wave Chair

Metal Wave Chair

Powdercoat Wave Chair

Width: 460mm
Depth: 500mm
Height: 760mm
Seat Height: 450mm

Different finishing options available

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    Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use

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Coffee/Dining Table ST-D9003

Frame: Stainless
Steel Frame Finishes: Rose Gold or Chrome

Glass (clear, Smokey, black) and Marble

Diameter 820mm
Height 570mm
Other Dimensions Available

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Poly Chair ST-QQ-700A

Frame: Polyurethane Structure

Seat Material: Curved Polyurethane mould seating only. Colour options available

Width 550mm
Depth 460mm
Height 880mm
Sitting Height: 450mm

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Swivel Tub Chair ST-GM8708B

Name: Swivel Tub Chair   ST-GM8708B

Frame: Stainless Steel Frame

Seat Material: Options of vinyl and fabric combinations available

Width 640m
Depth 750mm
Height 760mm
Sitting Height: 450mm

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